Climate Pledge

I recognise that the climate crisis is both a global threat to life on Earth and a deeply personal threat to the mental and physical wellbeing - the sense of safety, meaning, and purpose - of each individual, family, and community on the planet. 

I am a Climate Aware Therapist, which means I:

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My Commitments

Although the climate crisis is a global issue, I recognise my responsibility to do my share in mitigating its effects as well as to minimise harm to my clients. As such, I have committed to the below actions:

Climate-Aware Therapist

I am Certified Carbon Literate and a member of Climate Psychology Alliance International

One Tree Planted Per Client

I donate to plant a tree through a registered charity or community interest company for each client I see. These include the Woodland Trust, Borders Forest Trust, and Just One Tree

Sustainable Transport and Carbon Offsetting

When travelling for business, I walk or cycle in the first instance, or use public transport in the second. In the regretable event that sustainable transport is not possible or feasible due to distance or location, I calculate the carbon footprint of my journey and donate to the Woodland Trust to support carbon sequestration including soil carbon, hedgerow carbon, delivering the Trees Outside Woodlands programme and funding permanence. Read more about the Woodland Trust's carbon donation scheme.

Divestment from Fossil Fuels

My business bank account is held with Starling Bank, who are committed to net-zero emissions and do not finance the fossil fuel industry. Read more about Starling Bank on Bank Green.


My therapeutic services are run digitally. Any clinical notes I make are stored digitally. Read more about how I store data in my Privacy Policy.